Tianxi Kitchen Appliances successfully passed the Advanced Customs Certification (AEO).

Time:2020-02-28 12:00:00

What is AEO?

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is the highest level in the management of credit categories of customs enterprises. In addition to enjoying the convenience of customs clearance between China and Singapore, Korea, the European Union, Hong Kong and other countries or regions Beginning in November 2016, 40 central departments including the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Customs signed joint incentive measures to implement 49 trustworthy joint incentive measures for advanced certification enterprises, making their gold content higher and higher.

In order to meet the company's overall development needs, starting from the beginning of 2018, under the personal leadership of senior customs officer Yuan Jun, Tianxi Kitchen Electric has established a customs advanced certification project team to organize multiple customs advanced certification related knowledge learning and major The supervisors of relevant departments trained and discussed the feasibility plan after several meetings.

In 2019, with the enthusiastic help and careful guidance of Lishui Customs, all members of the project team went all out to use the evening time to work overtime continuously, and carried out repeated discussions and revisions. At the end of the year, they passed the review of Hangzhou General Customs and successfully became AEO Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise.

At present, there are only three companies that have obtained advanced customs certification in Lishui City. This honor is the golden key to our company's export image. Drawing on the AEO advanced certification standard system, it helps to refine and standardize the import and export internal control procedures and trade security system of enterprises.

Benefits of Customs AEO Advanced Certification:

1. Obtain the highest preferential convenience of Chinese customs, enjoy the lowest inspection rate, and save inspection costs.

2. Priority application of customs innovation support policies.

3. Get joint incentives from other relevant agencies. At the same time, it can also get support from many other aspects of the policy, such as land approval, talent incentives, government funding support, etc.

4. Enjoy fast customs clearance in importing countries;

5. Able to obtain preferential treatment from customs of mutually recognized countries and regions, eliminate repeated on-site inspections by customs of different countries and regions, and obtain the lowest inspection rate. (China has reached AEO mutual recognition arrangements with 40 countries and regions.)

In short, the AEO advanced certification is the high-credit logo of the enterprise, which means that you can enjoy "less check", "quick access", "green channel", "personal personal service", "priority to enjoy preferential policies for reform pilot", high credit Enjoy high convenience and extremely high gold content!