Lu Ting-the leader of "smart" kitchen appliances

Time:2021-08-20 12:00:00


  My name is Lu Ting, (Chairman of Zhejiang Tianxi Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd.) After graduating from Hangzhou University in 1998, I joined Zhejiang Tianxi Kitchen Appliance.


  Tianxi Kitchen Electric started as a pressure cooker, and it has a high degree of recognition in the domestic market. I just thought, why can't I go abroad for such a good product? I applied for the enterprise's own export license as soon as possible, and was the first to open the international market. Once the product was launched, it was favored by overseas consumers.

  Consumer needs are constantly changing. I firmly believe that innovation and research and development must be used to improve competitiveness. When pressure cooker product sales were booming in 2005, I insisted on setting up a home appliance business department to start the research and development and production of home appliances.

  At the beginning, there was no experience, no technology, no team, and the products developed in the early stage were put into the market, and the economic benefits obtained were not ideal. But I am very determined and continue to invest money, build a laboratory, and set up a research and development team. Finally, in 2012, the first generation of fist products for home appliances-air fryer was successfully developed.

  To put it simply, it uses air instead of hot oil to separate the fat of the food by circulating hot air, making the food close to the taste of fried. The fat content of the prepared food is 80% less than that of traditional frying. In 2013, it achieved mass production and started mass listing. The sales volume that year reached 600 million yuan.


  After that, we developed convection ovens, air ovens, steam-energy ovens, automatic cooking machines, automatic scones and other products, realizing the transformation from “open flame” to “no flame” in the kitchen to intelligence.


  At present, we have more than 3,500 employees and annual sales of nearly 2 billion yuan. The development and achievements of these years are inseparable from the care and support of the party committee and the government. We have provided us with meticulous services in scientific research and development, project application, identification of high-tech enterprises, and invention patent applications. It also helped us connect with colleges and universities, vocational education, etc., and solve the problem of introducing high-level technical talents.

  In 2020, we successfully created an academician expert workstation and introduced more than 10 doctors and senior engineers. At present, there are nearly 200 full-time R&D personnel, who have developed more than 160 new products and technical research projects, participated in the drafting of 5 industry or group standards, and obtained more than 30 invention patents.

  In the future, I will always follow the main line of R&D and innovation, relying on Lishui, an open entrepreneurial innovation platform, to contribute to the creation of an industrial technology highland.

I’m Lu Ting,

In Zheli, meet the beautiful and create the future.

Looking forward to your arrival, let us pursue our dreams together!


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