Sailing in September-Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten has started!

Time:2020-09-05 12:00:00

School season

-The opening package is pending inspection-

Riding the breeze in the late summer of August

We ushered in a colorful start season

In the laughter of children

The quiet kindergarten became lively

Queuing in order

Active temperature measurement

Say goodbye free and easy

All actions are done in one go

Teachers guide us at every intersection in the kindergarten

Mom and dad don’t worry about me

Look, the teacher has already waved to us

Little feet step on the land of Tianxi Kindergarten

Happy in my heart...

On September 1st, when the school started, reporters from Jinyun County TV Station walked into our park to report on the work of school. The film crew made key shots of early childhood check-ups, regional activities, regional games and other places, and conducted on-site interviews with Director Lu. The passionate words of Director Lu moved everyone present.

On September 2, Sang Wenyong, deputy director of the Lishui City Education Bureau and Liu Yongwu, deputy director of the County Education Bureau, visited our park to inspect and guide the work. The director and his party inspected the education and teaching facilities of our park and understood the basic situation of our park. Director Sang fully affirmed the orderly opening of our school and the neat environment layout, and also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.

On September 3, Jinyun County TV station made a special interview report on the management of nursery school in our kindergarten. Our garden introduces the advanced "Give you the best love, give you the best courses" Weikaier Tuoyu course, and strive to promote the local childcare concept.

01Exciting Activities

Under the orderly organization of the teachers, the children experienced many firsts in kindergarten: the first time meeting new friends, singing and dancing together, drawing together, reading together...

02 Outdoor Games

03 Happy Dining

In order to let every baby grow up healthily and happily, our garden has formulated a four-course one-soup nutritious lunch that meets the healthy growth of children to meet the various dietary needs of children, so that children can eat happily and grow up healthy and healthy!

New semester, new hope

There are many interesting stories waiting for us to discover

There are still many good times waiting for us to explore

May all babies be full of sunshine every day!


Source: Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten

Editor: New Media Editorial Department of Tianxi Group

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