Leading a group to investigate Zhejiang Tianxi Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd.

Time:2020-10-30 12:00:00


On the afternoon of October 29th, Chen Hao, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and his entourage came to Tianxi Group to conduct a special survey, with the theme of "How to carry out the work of the Federation of Industry and Commerce under the dual cycle of international and domestic economics". Wang Wei, deputy head of the United Front Work Department of Lishui Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wang Zhengfei, deputy secretary of the Jinyun County Party Committee and county magistrate, and Li Rudong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and United Front Work Minister Li Rudong, accompanied him.2.jpg

Chairman Lv Tianxi accompanied Secretary Chen and his entourage to visit the Tianxi smart kitchen appliance exhibition hall. The sales staff introduced and demonstrated the latest products of Tianxi-smart cake maker, air oven, etc. for the leaders. Secretary Chen tasted the freshly baked products. Delicious food, and even praised it.3.jpg

At the symposium, Chairman Lu Tianxi first expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce for its care and support for the work of enterprises on behalf of private enterprises, and introduced Tianxi’s business philosophy of adhering to technological innovation and its own business history, and suggested that government functional departments at all levels support the Chamber of Commerce. Work gives the grass-roots chambers of commerce more practical functions and a greater role.4.jpg

Secretary Chen fully affirmed Tianxi’s innovation and development achievements in recent years. He said that the development of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in the province is at a critical period, and it is also a rare opportunity for private enterprises to develop. He suggested that grassroots entrepreneurs "commercial dispute settlement" to effectively resolve civil and commercial disputes of private enterprises internally.5.jpg

Source: Tianxi Kitchen Electric Administrative Information Department

Editor: New Media Editorial Department of Tianxi Group

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