Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten Opening Preparation-Air Purification

Time:2020-08-01 09:11:47

Air testing, witness together

Dear parents, babies

Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten has been completed

Indoor air quality testing

Babies can rest assured to enter the park!


Institutional testing

Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten is a new kindergarten, and many parents have concerns about the environmental protection of the kindergarten. The kindergarten also attaches great importance to this work. From the selection and construction to the final purification and testing, all levels are checked to strive for the best.

Through multiple rounds of screening, the kindergarten has determined a third-party air testing agency recognized by the state, and conducts comprehensive air environment testing in classrooms, function rooms, canteens and other places in the kindergarten to provide children with a safe learning and living environment, so that parents can rest assured and let children Peace of mind!


Double guarantee

The decoration in the garden is all made of environmentally friendly materials, and each classroom is equipped with two meters micro ultraviolet plasma O3 air purifiers and two fresh air full-circulation air purifiers. Miwei fresh air full-circulation air purifier adopts professional-grade purification filter material, the formaldehyde removal rate is as high as 99% in one hour, the fresh air is slightly positive pressure, and it is purified in all directions. Ensure foolproof, and strive to create the most beautiful, safest and most comfortable teaching environment!


Parent satisfaction

With the brand-new campus, elegant environment, high-end advanced teaching equipment, professional and professional teachers, and meticulous safety guarantee, Tianxi Holdings Kindergarten has received unanimous praise from parents, who have come to visit, consult and sign up.

Let the sun light up hope, let rain and dew moisten the future

Safety is no small matter, love is in every possible way. We will carefully care, take care of, and patiently cultivate each seedling so that they can thrive in the "castle" and let love and buds bloom here. Tianxi Kindergarten will welcome you with the most beautiful campus, the most intimate company, and the safest environment!