Good news, at this year's county industrial development conference, Tianxi Group won four first prizes!

Time:2020-06-08 09:29:09

On the morning of May 29, the Jinyun County Eco-Industry Development and Investment Promotion Conference was held at the County Convention Center. County Party Secretary Li Yibo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. County Deputy Secretary and County Governor Wang Zhengfei presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Tian Ting Group general manager Lu Ting and human resources manager Ye Jianbo attended the meeting.

The general report of the conference recognized the enterprises, units and individuals with outstanding achievements on the industrial front in 2019. Tianxi Group won 4 first places and 1 second place.

Serial number

Honorable name

County ranking


Annual Manufacturing Top 50



Annual Top 30 Manufacturing Tax Payment



Top 10 local financial contributions to the manufacturing industry



Annual Top 20 Manufacturing Exports



Leader of annual manufacturing industry "average benefit per mu"


At the meeting, General Manager Lu Ting made a wonderful speech on behalf of outstanding enterprises in Jinyun County. He said that in the face of new policies and opportunities, Tianxi Company will go all out, grow bigger and stronger, and become a leader in global smart kitchen appliances. Make greater contributions to Jinyun's construction of "three cities and three places" and act as the vanguard of the city's high-quality green development.

General Manager Ting Lu took the stage to receive the award (picture 7 on the left)

General Manager Lu Ting (picture left 6) and Ye Jianbo (picture left 8) took the stage to receive the award