Tianxi Kitchen Electric IPO officially launched

Time:2020-04-23 09:12:41


On the afternoon of April 21st, "Zhejiang Tianxi Kitchen Electric Co., Ltd. IPO Work Launch Meeting" was held in the multimedia training room on the second floor of the fourth district.


All executives of Huatai United Securities, Zhonglun Law Firm, Tianjian Certified Public Accountants, Midea Capital, Rongtong Capital and Tianxi Kitchen Appliances attended the kick-off meeting.


Zhang Guanfeng, managing director of Huatai United Securities, Shan Lili, a partner of Zhonglun Law Firm, and Shen Peiqiang, a senior partner of Tianjian Certified Public Accountants, made first speeches, taking turns to introduce the advantages of their own organizations and the situation of the team they brought, expressing their listing of Tianxi Full of confidence.


He Zhenyu, the chief investment officer of Midea Capital, expressed confidence in the senior team of Tianxi Kitchen Appliances and hope for the future of Tianxi.


Gao Bo, Director of Huatai United Securities, introduced the current basic situation of the capital market, as well as some important nodes of IP0 work and the arrangement of main tasks.


Finally, Lu Ting, chairman of Tianxi Kitchen Appliances, expressed sincere gratitude to the partner institutions and the guests attending the meeting. He said that starting IPO work is an important starting point and a major strategic goal for Tianxi Kitchen Appliances in the upcoming new voyage. 1. One central task. These three intermediary agencies have formed the most luxurious IPO third-party team in China. With the close cooperation of the "three institutes," Tianxi Kitchen Appliances will surely achieve its listing goal.


The convening of the kick-off meeting marked that Tianxi officially embarked on the road to listing, conducted preliminary discussions on the proposed listing, and further comprehensively organized its own construction through full physical examination and preliminary counseling such as pulse and diagnosis, and strictly carried out financial design, stock reform, and organizational structure System preparations for the pre-IPO system such as adjustments and divestiture of related industries.


Source: Tianxi IPO Work Leading Group

Editor: Tianxi New Media Editorial Department


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